How to buy

If you find something you really love on our site, we’re sure you’ll want to learn a bit more about the artist and the art itself before buying. Just let us know the artist’s name and title of the work and we’ll send you all the vital information. Should you still not be 100% sure and want to view the art before making payment then you may be able to reserve the work until you’ve had the chance to see it ‘in the flesh’. We know that a great piece of art doesn’t necessarily translate well on screen and invariably the subtle details are lost.

If you’re undecided about a particular piece – and based in London or surrounding areas – we can usually arrange to bring the art to you. We don’t charge a fee for this consultation; we just want you to be totally sure about your purchase. Because we’re not tied to a permanent gallery space and we hop from pop-up show to art fair, there are often gaps in our exhibition schedule and we devote this time to providing a more personal service. Rather than just imagining how a piece of art would look in your home or office, you can take advantage of viewing the work on your wall prior to buying.

However, it may be that you’ve already made up your mind to buy. Fantastic! Making payment is very straightforward; simply contact us with details of the artwork and we’ll forward an invoice for payment by cheque or direct transfer. There may be a delivery charge, depending on location, or you might prefer to collect from us. Get in touch to discuss the options.

Buying from My Life in Art at an art fair is even easier as we accept most major credit and debit cards.

For all sale enquiries please contact

or call
Aaron +44 (0) 77 5123 3695